AVG Anti-Theft protection program for Android users

AVG Anti-Theft protection for Android helps you to track your device by integrating with the connected portal. It initially keeps the track of your device and helps you find it in case you lose it. The protection program is delivering security measures that help users to manage their devices remotely through the network. Users can now use their device freely as their device is easily able to recover in case of lost and stolen.


Earlier, there was AVG Mobilation portal to manage and track your lost and stolen device but now, with the newer version 6.x., this protection program has been updated to the latest portal my.avg.com. At the time when you update your device, the app automatically moves from the AVG Mobilation to my.avg.com.

You can get the great features with the AVG Anti-Theft program (download link- www.avg.com/retail):

  • It will locate your mobile by using the Google maps
  • It will remotely lock your device
  • Access to the personal information will completely erupt

You can update your mobile for getting the latest Anti-Theft version by following these steps:

  • Go to the app store on your mobile
  • Search for the AVG Antivirus Free for Android and tap for the update
  • Wait until the process is finished

If you want to get advanced features for your mobile device then you can also go for the Advanced Anti-Theft by downloading the Pro version.

Features of Pro-Version are:

  • Whenever they enters the in-correct pin the advanced feature will automatically click a picture of the person
  • It will also lock your device by default when he tries to change the SIM card.
  • Pro-version will also secretly records the whereabouts of your mobile phone.

How to create a PIN:

  • Open the Anti-Theft program on your mobile
  • Now select an account for resetting the Pin
  • Hit the OK button

How to set the web control:

  • Tap for the Web Control
  • Go on to ‘Set up Web Control’
  • Log-in to AVG account

Note- If you are already using the AVG app and you have already logged in on your mobile then Anti-Theft will automatically detect your account. It will ask you to use the same account. Such type of cases clicks ‘I understand’ to log-in for the same account.

For further enquiries and help for AVG Anti-Theft and AVG Retail call to the AVG Support Number.

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