How to put My AVG in an automatic Update?

When talking about the best antivirus that provides total protection as well as multi-layer protection to your devices, no one can beat AVG antivirus. As most of the security software comes with the costly package, doesn’t provide multi-layer protection which AVG provides. It is recommended to set it in an automatic update, to avoid putting it manually to protect your system.

Check out the steps as listed below to set My AVG in an automatic update-

  1. You need to run the virus scan to check whether the system is infected or not.

Please note- Sometimes, the virus or other online threats will prevent the AVG software from updating. The possibility is there that AVG itself will remove the infected files before updating but every time it can’t work that way.

  1. You need to reboot your system after shutting it down.
  2. Wait for some minutes and restart your PC

Please note- This step will clear any ‘bugs’ that were blocking the AVG software from updating.

  1. You need to go for removing the AVG software from PC if the previous step doesn’t work with it.  Then go for reinstalling the software.
  2. Search for the ‘Control Panel’ option from the taskbar.
  3. Choose the option ‘Programs and Features’.
  4. From the dialog-box, choose ‘AVG program’.
  5. Select the option ‘Uninstall’

Please note-After the ‘Uninstallation’ gets complete, you need to restart your PC, to make changes. You need to reinstall AVG antivirus from the AVG website and you need the same product key which you have used before. You can either redeem the product key from the email or from AVG retail card, by visiting website.

  1. Go for adjusting the setting to make the program run on the daily basis.
  2. Select the option ‘Update Manager’ on AVG’s main screen.
  3. Check the box named ‘Start Automatic updates’.

Please note- This step will set the update to run as per your convenient time. If the software asks you to restart PC then do this now.

In case you want to make the manual update of AVG antivirus then follow the steps as listed below to set My AVG in the manual update-

  1. You need to open the AVG program and click on the button ‘Update Now’.

Please note- If you’re currently using the free version of AVG and don’t want to purchase the one then you can update the software, manually.

  1. Visit the AVG official website to manually update the software.

Please note- The current updates are in the different areas of the AVG website from free version to the paid version.

The paid version of the AVG will offer all the updates in the ‘Release’ section at the bottom of the main page. The free version offers the updates on the ‘Support Center’ page.

  1. Select the option ‘Support Center’.
  2. At the bottom of the page, select the option ‘Updates’.

Please note- Check out the date on the left-hand side of the column and select the recent one.

  1. Open the ‘AVG program’ and right-click on the ‘Control Center’.
  2. Select the option ‘Check for Updates’
  3. In the display window, unmark the area “Don’t ask for update source next time.”

Please note- This step will allow you to update it manually, every day or whenever you wanted to update.

  1. Under the ‘Update’ menu, select the option ‘Folder’ in the dialogue-box.
  2. Search for the ‘BIN’ file and click on the ‘Ok’ option, followed by ‘Yes’.
  3. Whenever the update gets over, you get a confirmation message on your screen.
  4. Click on the option ‘Ok’.

If you face any difficulty while updating My AVG automatically then feel free to contact AVG Customer Support to get technical advice from the experts.

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