What is AVG CloudCare and how to upgrade it?

Designed mainly for the small and mid-sized businesses, AVG CloudCare is an effective tool to manage the security services. It incorporates some of the exceptional features such as antivirus protection to the computer systems, laptops, and other devices, removal of threats, periodic scans, and more.

A specialized content filtering option also enables the businesses using AVG CloudCare to keep a watch and if required, block particular websites to improve the efficiency. It also renders the complete spam protection by using various encryption methods. The well-known Cybersecurity brand brings timely updates to the CloudCare to embed latest security functionalities, features, and bug-fixes. This update thing works exactly similar as that of the updates in the other AVG products accessible via avg.com/retail. And to leverage all of them, you need to update the product regularly.

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Steps to upgrade AVG CloudCare (avg.com/retail) to its latest version

  1. Open the CloudCare Partner Portal and visit customer dashboard
  2. Choose the Devices tab and hit the Update Company button
    1. This will begin an update of all installed components of this specialized online security program
  3. For the successful update, make sure the device is online
  4. On the other hand, if it is offline, the update will not initiate
  5. Wait till the update process finishes
  6. AVG CloudCare is now up-to-date!

AVG CloudCare also provides you an option to upgrade an individual device. For this, you need to follow the below-given instructions:

  1. Download the AVG CloudCare upgrade tool from its official website
  2. Log in as an Administrator
  3. Run the file on the device on which you need to do the upgrade

For any other queries related to AVG CloudCare, contact AVG customer support team. Your call will be answered in no time! Hope the information was useful!

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