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AVG Firewall

The AVG Firewall works using “Profiles”. It contains five pre-set profiles of: allow everything, allow nothing, direct to the internet, small office, and windows domain. However you can manually add as several profiles as you care to configure. Each profile effectively contains 2 lists:

  1. A list of all the network adaptors and network address ranges that the computer can currently see, and whether this profile considers them safe or unsafe to use.
  2.  A list of all the applications and services inside the pc, and how this profile should individually allow them to behave. A computer can find itself in a number of different network “environments”. The firewall can automatically switch between profiles based on network changes it detects.

AVG Firewall Settings

The AVG Firewall configuration dialogues open from a separate place in the AVG control panel. So you won’t find the firewall settings where the rest of the anti-virus and anti-everything-else settings are.

A] General

The only buttons on this page are Import and Export, which allow you to copy all the settings in your AVG firewall into a file.  Then you can either save the file as a backup of your firewall settings or copy the file to another machine and there Import the settings. What this section does not say, and i have yet to find out, is now this all works if you are using the AVG control centre.  From the control center you can ship a firewall configuration to a number of PCs, but I have yet to discover exactly how this works.


This section is fairly obvious. For overall changes in this settings contains one permission and the other is restricted to the pop-up dialogues that occurs when you haven’t set a defined rule.

C] Areas and Adapters Profile

This is probably the most important area as the settings on this page allow the AVG firewall to switch automatically between profiles depending on the network connectors and IP ranges it’s picking up. However, despite its importance there are almost no controls in this page.

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