AVG is set to pull up threats with its smarter security coming in 2019

The security software company recently made an announcement via posting a blog on www.avg.com/retail mentioning that their security product will no longer be updated with new features for Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems right from the beginning of the new year. For customers’ demand has raised for Windows 7 and other newer versions, the requirement for products that support Windows XP and Vista has reduced. To get new highlight releases of AVG antivirus, users will be obliged to update their Windows operating system.

avg  security in 2019

Moreover, the organization has developed some top-drawer features for their newly updated Antivirus protection. For the new 2019 version, avg.com/retail is bringing ahead stronger protection against today’s most widespread and sensitive threats, particularly data breaches and phishing. Basic credentials of users such as usernames and passwords are more precious than any other thing in today’s environment and cybercriminals are constantly working on every way to crack into your sensitive information from a brute attack to obscured social engineering and everything in between. AVG’s new security features do more to protect you from these kinds of attack.

AVG activation will be mandatory

User with an outdated version of the software might not get to grab the benefits of the newly launch security features. Thankfully, there is AVG customer support, which is all-time accessible for users facing issues while updating the software.

Now that updating will become a mandatory part, users who do not update by January 1 will hang about on the older version of the AVG products. However, this will allow them to receive updated virus definitions and provide protection, yet it will not take delivery of the periodic automated updates of new program versions with new features. AVG customer support recommends that all users update their Windows OS in array to stay protected with our most top-notch security features.

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