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AVG License number is a code generated by the Easysoft License server. It is a combination of the machine number and some other information; it is unique to a particular machine and cannot be used on other machines. AVG license number can’t be activated until the license key has been applied.

To renew your AVG License number, please follow the below steps:

  • Go to AVG Renewal Center.
  • Enter your AVG License Number into the AVG License Number field and click Submit.
  • Choose one of the subscription options and then you can renew for one or two years.
  • Select payment method. In some regions a payment method by bank transfer may be available.
  • Complete your payment by clicking Pay Now to proceed.
    It is recommended to renew before the license expiration date. The new subscription will simply start immediately after the previous one expires, so there is absolutely no lapse in your coverage.

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