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Antivirus programs are becoming something of a necessary evil these days protecting your computer but often being quite a pain too. They get into each part of your file system and OS that is often necessary to do their jobs. The down side is that after you remove one even a lighter antivirus like AVG it leaves files behind. This may cause conflicts in future. Fortunately AVG Removal tool can scour every last trace of AVG and it’s free to use.

AVG Removal Tool

AVG Removal tool is actually produced by AVG themselves that is interesting as they’ve put their hands up to the existence of the problem that antivirus software can be hard to fully uninstall. This program which is so simple that you really just run it’ll delete everything related to AVG Removal Tool: registry items installation files user files and more. This is considerably a last resort program to use if you’re having real issues obtaining eliminate AVG. It’ll also require your computer to be restarted. There are other apps for this problem however it’s worth having this nuclear option for when it’s required.

Problem solved

AVG Removal Tool isn’t a program that you’ll get abundant use out of- you’ll only ever need it once- but it’s perfect at what it does. Free to use it could solve installation problems in one click.

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