The Camera Trap feature of AVG Anti-Theft is absolutely a smart innovation

Your phone will have an ultimate security asset with AVG Anti-Theft app. The program has multiple features to secure your device, media, and other data stored in your phone’s storage or cloud memory. At times when you forget to carry your phone with you, someone can attempt to sneak into your phone in your absence. You might lose your credentials or any other sophisticated data. Therefore, to keep your phone protected against such risks, AVG has given out an Anti-Theft app with a multi-layered security system.

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The app follows the customary process of scanning and removing threats and viruses. However, if a random person tries snooping on your mobile phone or tablet, the app activates its camera trap component. When anyone misses 3 times to unlock your mobile device, the Camera Trap feature will take a secret photo of them using your phone’s front camera and then email that photo to you along with the time and place of the event.

You will instantly know the unsafe attempt and can take actions against it. The feature will you to identify a potential burglar. Nevertheless, to activate AVG Anti-Theft services, you need to follow certain norm as mentioned below.

This feature will be available to:

  • Devices with Android OS version 2.3.3 and higher
  • Supported devices with a front camera
  • An existing account on for the current app version
  • An active AVG retail registration (if you have used 30-days free trial)

After meeting the conditions, you can even Camera Trap enable for your Android’s standard lock screen without any requirement of remote lock for your phone. To activate anti-theft or camera trap feature, make the changes in your device as mention below.

How to make AVG (Anti-Theft) Camera trap Settings in for Android:

  1. Tap on the AVG icon to launch the app
  2. Go into the Anti-Theft section
  3. Turn on Device Administrator
  4. Enable camera access if asked and save settings to complete the procedure

You have enabled the camera trap attribute for your phone. If you find any trouble while using the app or making the setting changes, connect to AVG customer support to get assistance and assured Support for AVG app.

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