How do You Encrypt Your Photos with AVG AntiVirus Photo Vault?

Having the access of your AVG Retail Registration on your Android phones helps you to keep the device safe from virus and threats as well as protects mobile data from various kinds of risks. When it comes to data protection, users are more concerned about the media files and images. Understanding today’s need, AVG has come up with Photo Vault feature for Android and iOS devices. To access AVG for Android, visit and purchase the product.

avg antivirus photo vault

AVG AntiVirus Photo Vault for Android enables you to secure the access to your photos with a protected PIN code. Once you relocate or move the photos from your gallery or file, AVG Photo Vault encrypts and hides the images and unless you have the passcode, you cannot access those images.

You have to freedom to choose pictures you want to hide and you can encrypt all of them. Moving the photos to the Photo Vault, you just need to perform some of the steps on your device. If you want to keep your pictures safe, do the following. There are two ways you can move photos to AVG Photo Vault:

Method 1:

Change your Camera Settings: Take a new photo and enable the settings to exert photos directly from the Vault. To check, do these:

  • Take a photo using your Phone’s camera
  • Save the settings by clicking on the ‘Confirm’ button and this will locate the photo into the Vault

Method 2:

Import from your phone’s gallery: Allow the select photos from your existing gallery.

  • If you are operating or doing the changes in Photo Vault for the first time, follow these steps:
  • Select the Google Account to reset the PIN
  • Create a PIN code and confirm before submitting
  • Mark and select the photo(s) that you want to protect with AVG Antivirus Photo Vault
  • Tap on the ‘Hide now’ option

This will hides selected images from your Google drive as well. Apart from protecting the images, it is also important to know how to unhide the images.

  • The export icon (an arrow from the box): Clicking on the icon will extract photo(s) back to the primary location and choose to make it visible to others or unhide.
  • The recycle bin icon: Select to remove a photo from the Vault and from the initial storage location. Before you go to perform the step, pay more attention as it cannot be undone.

If you forget the password you have set, you can reset it by clicking on the three-dot icon on the lock screen and select to Reset PIN to change or create a new PIN using your Google Account details. Facing errors or troubles while using the utility go to your profile, check for the details of AVG Retail, and make sure the product is activated or connect to AVG customer support for better assistance.

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