How to free up storage space on your Phone or Tablet with AVG Cleaner?

AVG Cleaner for Android is a specialized program designed and developed to boost the performance of your device by removing the junk files and extending the battery life. It aids you to get more space and experience high speed while using your phone or tablet. The program is included in AVG TuneUp; you can also download it separately by visiting the official website of AVG.

To experience its work, you can go for a free trial version, which is active for 30-days. However, if you are aware of its functioning and benefits, then you can directly visit and download it by providing a valid product key.

Key Features of AVG Cleaner for Android

Here is a list of top features that helps AVG Cleaner to improve the performance of your device:

Simple user interface

With all new design and amazing layout, cleaning up unnecessary files that hog resources and occupies memory has become quite easy. All you need to do is hit the Analyze button to view all hidden junk, bad photos, battery-sapping apps, and other unnecessary files.

Extends battery life

AVG Cleaner for Android turns off all the features and background applications that eat up battery. Moreover, you can also modify the settings to automatic switch on or off your device.

Free up storage space

The specialized security program by world-renowned cybersecurity brand quickly takes out the unwanted clutter, less-used applications, call logs, and more to make space available for your favorite photos and music.

Clean up your media

AVG’s dedicated program automatically figures out your bad, blurry, and similar photos and displays you instant recommendations to deletes them. You can simply choose yes to command the program to delete the photos.

Prevent resource hogs

The program keeps a periodic check on the applications that drain out your phone’s battery, mobile data, and storage space. Depending on the results, you can decide which application to keep and which to remove.

Auto-cleaning of junk and temporary files

AVG Cleaner for Android comes up with a built-in feature to automatically scan the files and takes the clutter out of them. Known as Auto Clean Reminders, the feature sends you a simple reminder in the notification panel to remind you to clean the unnecessary files from your phone or tablet.

For further information on AVG Cleaner for Android or how to get it via, dial AVG support number and speak to an expert now.

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