Beware! PDFs are becoming a new medium for the hackers to spread viruses

Yes, you read that right! The PDFs you generally download from your email inbox are helping the cybercrooks to have access to your financial or personal details. The hackers are finding these PDFs (Portable Document Format) an easy way to infect your computer systems and then steal your confidential data.

hackers to spread viruses

This has been revealed in a report that these portal document formats were earlier safe from the cyber-attacks, but, from the past few months, it has been observed that the thousands of emails include the infected PDFs. The malicious code which is being embedded in these documents silently fetches your information without your consent.

Such viruses can also corrupt or damage the information/applications available on your computer system. To prevent yourself from becoming a victim of such cyber-attacks, it is being recommended to keep your eyes wide open while downloading an attachment from your email. In short, go through the entire information available with the document attached in the email.

For instance, if you find something fishy or suspicious in the header, delete the email immediately. The virus, which is being spread through the PDFs, has the potential to infect the network your computer system is connected to.

Another preventive measure in this regard could be installing an AVG antivirus on your device. The antivirus not only protects your confidential data and the crucial applications but also provides endpoint protection to ensure the complete privacy of your computer network.

And, to know which specialized security software from AVG will suit your security needs, you can simply dial AVG customer support or visit The team of certified and experienced technicians working at the support center will definitely guide about which antivirus is best for you and how you will ensure its successful download, installation, and activation.

Be alert and ensure the safety of your device, data, and applications!

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