Quick steps to Reactivate AVG AntiTrack

With a positive word of mouth, AVG antivirus is becoming favorite security software across the world, especially AVG AntiTrack. The product has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to understand its functionality. You can change settings as per your need; however, few of its features are only accessible when you have a paid version. Users trying a free AVG antivirus may not have a complete access to high-end features. With constant monitoring action, the program detects and removes any risk, if detected.


In addition, the software helps you to have safe browsing experience as it encrypt your location. You can only have such measures when you have an active subscription of AVG AntiTrack. In case already have been using the product, but now the subscription is expired, it is suggested to reactivate the program to keep having advantages.

If you do not reactivate the computer security software, all the factions will be discontinued, which will leave your data on high risk. Therefore, you need to activate the program again in order to maintain the protection. Blow is the instruction how to reactivate AVG AntiTrack.

How do you Reactivate AVG AntiTrack?

  1. Launch the software on your computer’s screen and check subscription detail
  2. Go to www.avg.com/retail and renew subscription
  3. An AVG confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address
  4. Secure the activation code from the email and copy the activation code
  • Holding the left mouse button and drag the cursor until the activation code is highlighted. Now release the left mouse button
  • Press the Ctrl + C keys altogether to copy your AVG activation code. Else, copy the highlighted activation
  1. Launch AVG AntiTrack  on your desktop and proceed next
  2. If any license Error message pops-up, go for AVG support to get the fix
  3. Enter or paste the activation code into the respective field and click Replace Activation Code. Do the following:
  • Click into the activation field sited below and enter a new activation code
  • Recheck the code and then ‘Click Replace Activation Code’ button at the bottom-right corner
  1. A confirmation notification will appear- Activation complete

Now, the software is re-activated and you can enjoy full data security by AVG. In case you encounter any issue during the process, or the software is not working properly, connect with AVG support for assistance.

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