How to register and renew AVG Retail card?

AVG is security Software Company and has been known for developing antivirus software and internet security services. The AVG Antivirus is part of AVG technology and runs as well as provides free support to all the user’s of Windows, Mac OS, and Android, the only premier plan needs to be purchased. AVG not only provides services to home and office security as well as to business and enterprise security. Some of its salient features which make it unique from others are as follows-

  • Periodic Scans of the system.
  • Scanning of the emails both inbox and outbox emails.
  • Repairing the detected

Any security products need to go through the process of purchasing, downloading, installing, and activation. Sometimes, the already purchased products need to be updated or renewed, as per the situation. AVG services were remarkable for years and thus winning the hearts of the people, globally.

If you are planning, to buy AVG Antivirus for your system. Then you wouldn’t have to worry much as it provides free support to all the user’s of Windows, Mac OS, and Android. Only the premier plan needs to be purchased either online from the official website of AVG or from the retail shop of AVG.

For purchasing the products online, you need to visit the official website < purchase list < choose < subscribe< Sign-in / Sign-up. But for purchasing the products offline, you need to visit your nearby retail shop. They will provide you with AVG retail card after purchasing your choice of products. It will be included with CD and AVG product key/ activation code, which will help you in further steps-downloading, installing and activating.

The AVG products need to be registered from AVG website. Below provided are the steps to follow for successful registration, which will help you in downloading, installing and activating the product. They are as follows-

  • Step 1- Visit for avg retail registration
  • Step 2- You need to enter your activation code as provided in the AVG retail card
  • Step 3- You need to Sign-up and provide your personal details in case you are a new And need to Sign-in, if you already have an account in AVG.
  • Step 4- After getting done with sign-in/ sign-up, click on the button Register/ Activate, to proceed to next step.
  • Step 5- Your License number will be displayed on the screen as well as in your mail after the registration gets over.

Please note- You need to follow the instructions as provided for downloading and activating the product in your system.

In case, you have purchased AVG retail card for renewal or upgrade version from a retail shop. You need to follow the provided steps for successful product activation. The steps are –

  • Step 1- Visit
  • Step 2- After visiting the website, you need to click on the License Key Replacement Page.
  • Step 3- You need to enter your upgrade/renewal key, as provided in the AVG retail card as well as the current AVG license number.
  • Step 4- Provide your correct and active email id in which they will send your new AVG License Number.
  • Step 5- After fulfilling the details, click on the Send Data option.
  • Step 6- Wait for some time, to receive your new License Number as well as Activation Instructions on your email-id.

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