How to safe your connected car from getting hacked with AVG?

You must be using the connected car for getting rid of the keys and also the danger associated with it like forgetting the keys inside the car or at home, may lead you in an extreme headache. But you’ll surprise to know that the connected cars can be hacked.

The hackers can actually control your car’s transmission and brakes like accelerating the car, bashing on the brakes, and controlling the steering wheel. This is completely life-risking. A person actually sitting at a distant place can actually take your life or your loved ones, with a good network connected device.

To be surprised, an immediate investigation can’t get any sort of evidence. Other things they can control are radio, wiper fluid, digital display, windshield wipers, and air conditioning. As per the FBI, the latest motor vehicles comes up with the enhanced vehicle technologies to provide you with certain advantages of using it like safety traits, improve fuel economy, and comprehensive conveniences.

FBI further says that with the advanced connectivity it has become utmost important for the consumers as well as the car manufacturers to follow certain measures of the cybersecurity threats.

Here, in this article learn to safe your connected car from getting hacked with AVG (to download visit

Follow the steps as listed below to protect your connected car from getting hacked-

  • Scan your USB devices before using it on your car

There can be the possibility that the USB device of the malign code outlined to infect your car. So it is always good to take precautions beforehand to avoid the danger.  It is recommended to scan your device before putting it in the car.

Or you can download any strong antivirus that would scan your USB devices as well as the systems you’re using like AVG Anti-Virus Free.

  • Car’s software update needs to make at a regular basis

Any software needs to be updated on a regular basis, so do your car’s software. Outdated software can contain the viruses which the hackers can use to take control of your car. Keep a keen eye on the expiry date of your software and visit the car’s manufacturer to update the software.

For more information on AVG or any of the products of it, call AVG Tech Support Phone number.

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