How to Scan the Device & Schedule a Scan using the AVG Antivirus?

Now-a-days, the users are getting highly concerned regarding security of their devices as well as data (Personal & Confidential) and thus, they prefer to install an antivirus product like AVG Antivirus to their device. Despite of having various advanced features like LinkScanner and AVG Online Shield, the users may face some common scanning issues while performing some urgent task on their device.

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Thus, to offer an ease to the AVG Antivirus users, the AVG product included the feature of “Scan Computer” and “Schedule a Scan” within its antivirus products. So, by using these features the users could easily execute the scanning process either manually or schedule it as per the convenience of them. Therefore, the stepwise procedure to execute the comprehensive scanning as well as scheduling a scan have been detailed in the below information.

A. Steps for performing the comprehensive scanning:

(For utilizing the scanning features involved within the AVG Antivirus, the users need to perform the process of AVG Retail Registration.)

By following the stepwise procedure mentioned below, the AVG Antivirus users could easily execute a comprehensive scanning on their device:

1. Firstly, launch the user interface of the AVG Antivirus on the desktop.
2. And then, click the “Scan Computer” option displayed at the bottom of the user interface.
3. Once the scanning process gets successfully executed on the device, the result screen will appear on the device.
4. By default, the screen will also contain the information regarding the actions taken by the antivirus for removing the detected threats.

B. Steps for scheduling the comprehensive scanning:

Follow the steps detailed below for scheduling a comprehensive scanning process or configuring the schedule settings for scanning the device:

1. First of all, open the AVG antivirus user interface on the device by clicking the AVG icon either on the taskbar or desktop.
2. And then, tap the gear icon displayed just next to “Scan Computer”.
3. Now, the users will be directed to the new window of AVG Antivirus that shows various scan options. Here, click the “Schedule Scan” option.

(Important Note: If the users are not able to locate the “Schedule Scan” option, then they may refer the “Contact Us” section of the link:

4. And then, the users will be asked to set the Scan Parameters on the device. To do so, follow the steps detailed below:

a. First of all, create a new Scan Name.
b. And then, specify the area as well as the file type on which the users want to execute the scanning process.
5. Once the parameters have been set, click the “Scheduling” option from the left panel of the user interface.
6. Here, mark the checkbox in front of “Schedule this scan”. Also specify whether the user want to execute the scan occasionally (Only once) or periodically (Weekly, daily, or Monthly).

7. After this, manage the scanning preferences by marking the checkbox displayed in front of these options detailed below:

a. Do not start the scan if running on batteries
b. Pause the scan if batteries mode begins
c. Shut down the system after the scan finishes

8. Apart from this, the users may set their particular time as well as day for executing the scanning process in 24-Hour format.
9. Once all the scheduling options have been set by the users, click the “OK” button.

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