How to Set Up Your AVG Secure VPN to protect your device?

Are you looking out to set up AVG secure VPN to auto connect whenever you start up your computer or use an unsecured WiFi network? Well, AVG antivirus does not allow your computer when you start it off due to security reasons. Therefore, whenever you turn on your Windows computer or Mac device, you will need to connect it to the internet manually. While you connect your device to a network, it is essential to secure it against any kind malware or virus attack.

Users connect their device to wireless networks that are unsafe sometimes and require VPN (Virtual Private Networks) to give you a secured access. When you enable the VPN settings, you can link up with a private network and share remote data via a public network. The protection is similar to firewall protection while VPN provides multilayered security. To get these services, make sure you have AVG Retail Registration.

avg secure vpn

You can modify the program to direct you or the connection automatically when you want to link up with unsecured networks. Follow the steps to do the connection settings.

How to Secure VPN of your AVG Retail Registration:

  1. Launch your AVG product and go to the VPN (Virtual private network) section
  2. On the main VPN screen, go to settings by clicking on the gear icon available at the top-right corner of the window
  3. Take your cursor to the drop-down menu and go under the section of ‘When connected to an unsecured WiFi’
  4. A list will appear, pick anyone as per your preference
  • Leave the connection unsecured
  • Offer to connect to AVG Secure VPN
  • Automatically secure the connection
  1. Once you select and click on the options, Click save and end the process

This enables the security of your AVG product to secure your device from being exposed to cyber risks. While you execute the steps but encounter an error, make sure that your AVG Retail Registration is activated. Visit, log in to your AVG account and check your subscription details. If the validity is about to expire, renew the subscription in order to maintain the security. After making the settings mentioned above, also check if your device is secured when connected to a different VPN server location.

How to connect your computer to a different VPN server location?

Do the changes in your AVG antivirus to secure VPN connections by following these steps:

  1. Click on the AVG icon and launch the product on the screen
  2. Go to AVG management console/ AVG Zen
  3. Select Secure VPN option
  4. Click ‘Change location’ and choose your location from the give list
  5. Save changes and end the process

These setting will allow you to generate a protected connection to any other network on the internet. AVG VPN setting may also give you the access to select and restrict regions as well as shield your surf activity from public Wi-Fi. If you are having trouble accessing your AVG Retail Registration, connect to AVG Customer Support or log in to your account via

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